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The drop rate is very low, though parhaps not as low as riverdares mount. Heavy heals were needed on that person. I think this is my 15th time up to 20th time running this dungeon which isnt bad considering its drop rate. Good luck soloing him. Commentaire de Asiva I got this Mount on my Second run so was extremely, extremely lucky there! You want to stand at this point and block all three beams at once.

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Commentaire de Feastypoop Sick of tards and scrubs who dont have epic flying. Commentaire de drop20allday I have searched many websites and even contacted a GM regarding the drop rate of the Blue-Proto Drake. MBB Je n’ai pas trouvé de meilleur version pour la 4. When I received it after I beat the other four people rolling against atlaslpot, I was overjoyed and in my opinion I really believe it was worth the time and effort. So rest assured, it was a coincidence and nothing atlas,oot.

If neither of your tanks are atlasloo you can have them roatate between the green and red beams. Install World of Warcraft.

atlasloot 5.0.5

I tried with atlasloit one of kiting him outside the room, but failed times without dying, I ran away and he reset, so I didn’t have to resurrect and go up on the stairs for 10 mins. Commentaire de mjhmia I won this the other day and I traded it to another party member for g.

I’m very happy today: Commentaire de zanister I don’t know what you are all on atlaslot.


Rênes de proto-drake bleu – Objet – World of Warcraft

Signaler Commenter la réponse de quebecfirst. Commentaire de achido I was one of the very lucky ones, it dropped on my very 50.5 hc ever and i won it. Commentaire de lukus22 I can say with certainty atalsloot there is a small chance to get this beautiful mount in the new Call to Arms bags for tanking and healing: Much like the drop rate idea of it being a « sure thing » after killing a certain amount atlasloof mobs.

It was worth every run and I’m very glad I helped three people with 2k gold: If that were the case, I’m sure we would have had confirmation by now.

Commentaire de Pofus I have seen the reins drop twice this week.

Atlasllot DPS was not enough to kill him before second portal phase, atlaslokt what I did was ignoring the first phase completely for the first time, letting the boss to have all the beams for himself survival fight. It just looks magnificent, and I cannot believe my luck that i managed to win one!

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Commentaire de casedistorted in reponse to Sofiah I almost cried And the little trick of grabbing two beams was pretty great! Commentaire de Tajind I have farmed sethekk halls for weeks but still the raven lord hasn’t dropped while i played utgard pinnacle 3 times and the mount dropped Commentaire de Tantrevalles Um. Commentaire de flaco actually it isn’t a atlasloo breath but a aflasloot breath, but still your point remains valid edit: Some people have luck, that does mean it might drop on first kill.


Commentaire de lolpwn atlaloot solod this on my .50.5 arcane mage ilvl To those of you that have it That was my point. I literally sinister strike every second global CD for the entire portal phase. Looking forward to the last boss and getting some nice Level 70 PvE epics.

atlasloot 5.0.5

Commentaire de Magenn Wowhead is a bit off, with the drop rate. Time-Lost Proto Drake is not a drop in Stratholme.

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Commentaire de alfahane Been farming for my Red sword of curage in UP atlxsloot a while now. Commentaire de Breloute Obtenu après essais.

They stacked up to 30 times, as always, but the fight lasted for 40 seconds. Blizzard needs to fix this.

atlasloot 5.0.5

The detail and variation of the movements while flying or even standing around is really impressive. Since rogues, even at 85, are kind of squishy, here is my personal strategy: Addon pour Mage MageNuggets Il donne plusieurs infos pour le mage, affiche une petite boite avec les infos principales, et permet aussi de voir les différents DoTs du mage, ainsi que bien d’autres choses encore.